Step by Step Guide through the Approval Process

Site Inspections - contact the following list of departments to find out what necessary steps and inspections are needed for your property and your intended improvements.

       - County or City/Village Engineering & LUC Regional Planning Commission

       - Logan County Soil & Water Conservation District

       - Logan County Health District & Logan County Sewer District

       - Township & City/Village Zoning

       - Logan County Building Authority

The information listed below is only intended to point out the basic steps and departments you should contact. For complete details and procedure requirements, you can access each department's website directly from the sheet titled  "Guidelines and Contacts" located on our HELPFUL DOCUMENTS page.

Logan County Soil & Water Conservation District
Floodplain Administration (beginning October 1, 2022)

They help you in determining the soil type(s) located on the property. This is necessary to plan for the    following installations: Septic Systems, Wells, Driveways and Culvert Tiles (other than tiles placed in the road right-of-way), Surface Water Drainage and Floodplain Determination (starting October 1, 2022).

​Logan County Health District

          Obtain from the Health Department: permits for the On-Site Septic System and the Well.
  • One should always secure a site inspection prior to the purchase of land to verify whether or not the

    lot can be built upon.
  • Information typically obtained during an inspection: lot size and its dimensions, soils data, topography analysis, homeowner’s desires for the property - i.e., future home site locale, pond, barn, pasture
  • Site Inspection will be required to determine the location of the Septic System location, along with it's replacement area, and also the Well location. Their locations will be impacted by your soil type and location of both existing and intended new structures.
  • Detailed Drawing of Lot - include property dimensions, house dimensions, placement of well, driveway, type and size of septic system including discharge point; it is preferred that this drawing be to scale on an 8 1/2 by 11 paper.
  • Recorded Easements - written permission to cross adjacent properties with any outlet tiles and stamped at the Logan County Recorder’s Office, this also includes any wastewater or curtain drain water tied into existing tiles which drain off lot.
  • The well permit may be obtained at any time during the process but is usually done when the septic permit is applied for.
  • Use the same Detailed Drawing for both the Septic Permit and for the Well Permit.

City, Village or Township Zoning Permit

  • Obtain from the Township Zoning Inspector, if applicable
  • Each township has its own requirement regarding minimum road frontage, setbacks, square feet per household, and other things
  • This permit must be obtained after the Septic Permit has been issued

Building Permit

  • Obtain from the Building Authority
  • Health Permit for septic system
  • Township Zoning Permit
  • Two sets of construction plans which include type of foundation, reinforcement, back fill cross section of construction, size and spacing of support post and pads, beam size, size and span of floor joists, size and spacing of rafters or trusses, floor plan layout with dimensions, plumbing fixture location, type of heating system, electric service size, power company or any further Building Department requirements. After review, you will obtain your building permit
  • Occupancy Permit (Logan County Building Regulation Department), contact the Building Department for exact requirements to obtain a written Certificate of Occupancy