Watch Out for Scams:

There is a scam in progress using delinquent real estate information obtained from this website. A company calling themselves DMG Capital Corp LLC is sending bills to people saying they have purchased the right to collect payments on these accounts.  DO NOT PAY ANY BILL OTHER THAN THOSE SENT BY THIS OFFICE.  We do not contract with outside companies to collect delinquent taxes.

Dara Wren

Real Property Tax Bills will be due:

First Half on February 18, 2015

Second Half on July 15, 2015




An Overview of the County Treasurer:

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Logan County Home Page

  • County Banker For All Funds
    • Oversees receipts & disbursements of millions of dollars
    • Personally responsible for actual cash in all funds
    • Balances the County Auditor, County Treasurer and Bank
  • County Investment Authority For All Funds
  • Furnishes The Highest Bond in the County
  • 1 of 3 Member Budget Commission
  • 1 of 3 Member Board of Revision
  • 1 of 7 Member Data Processing Board
  • 1 of 3 Member Investment Advisory Board
  • Collector and Safekeeper of Taxes for Schools, Municipalities, Townships and County
    • Real Estate
    • Personal Property
    • Manufactured Homes
    • Inheritance
    • Hotel/Motel
    • Special Assessments
  • Also Collects:
    • Cigarette License Fees
    • Vendor License Fees
    • Fees, Fines & Miscellaneous moneys from all Departments

Logan County Treasurer
100 South Madriver Street
Bellefontaine, Ohio  43311
Phone:  (937) 599-7223