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The Indian Lake Watershed Project (ILWP) is a nationally recognized project that has made significant water quality improvements during its 24 year existence. It is managed by a local board of directors made up of watershed residents, Soil and Water Conservation District supervisors, businessmen and women and elected officials. In 1998, they requested and received 501 (c) 3 designation. Since then an endowment for water quality improvement has been established.

The watershed project has been successful in decreasing nonpoint source problems on many areas of agricultural lands, but there are still problems needing the attention of lake users, businesses and stakeholders owning property adjacent to the lake and the streams feeding the lake. The best way to continue to further reduce sedimentation into Indian Lake is to reduce stream bank and shoreline erosion. This would also continue to reduce the need for dredging and would save taxpayer's dollars. Consequently, a healthy and viable tourism-based economy has emerged second only to agriculture in West Central Ohio and in the Indian Lake region specifically.

The Indian Lake Watershed Project is a membership organization.  It is a project goal for 2014 to achieve 800 dues paying members.  Membership to the organization is $10.00 annually.  If you are an individual who is interested in improving the water quality of Indian Lake, take the time to be among the already 500+ members who care about the future of Indian Lake and join today.  Fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM and mail with your check for $10.00 to the address below.

Annual donations help provide support to the ILWP and its many activities. Leaving a lasting legacy of clean water will allow future generations to recreate at Indian Lake and enjoy the camaraderie of their family and friends for years to come. To make a donation fill out the DONATION FORM and return with a check made payable to:

Indian Lake Watershed Project
324 County Road 11
Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311

Phone:  937-593-2946
Fax:  937-592-3350

e-mail: vicky.boots@oh.nacdnet.net


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