2016 Annual Meeting Overview

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District's Annual Banquet, September 8, 2016

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District held their annual banquet, September 8, 2016, convening at Winner Harvest Barn.  An election for a 3 year term on the Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors, commencing January 2017 also occurred.  The election was conducted in compliance with the specification for Board of Supervisors election as found in the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter, 1515-3, Elections.  David Knight and Mark Vernon were the candidates.  Dave Knight was re-elected.  The Board of Supervisors extend their thanks and gratitude to Mark who willingly submitted his name for candidacy.

David and Gina Tighe, owners/operators of Tighe Farms, were recognized as the Logan Soil and Water's Cooperator of the Year.  Tighe Farms is a family dairy located in Bokes Creek Township. The Tighe's are targeting a consumer market demanding hormone and antibiotic free products.  Their diary herd is on a pasture based feeding program.  Good soil biology and forage stand improves the life and health of the herd resulting in a herd capable of producing quality milk without some of the challenges often familiar with a larger, more traditional diary facility.  They minimize stresses on their herd by limiting the herd size, allowing the herd to be on pasture, assuring they have high quality forage and maintaining a pasture environment conducive to milk production.  They operate under the premise that a healthy cow is a happy cow and a happy cow is a productive cow.  David and Gina enrolled in USDA's Environmental Quality Incentive Program and Conservation Security Program to assist them planning and implementing conservation practices that preserve, protect and improve soil, water, plant, animal air and related natural resources.  Program participation and technical support have been provided by the United States Dept. of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service and Logan SWCD staff. The Tighe's conservation plan includes Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning, Grazing Management Planning, Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition and an Energy Management Plan.  Program participation facilitated the installation of over 10,000 feet of fence, 2300 feet of access road, 7.8 acres of forest stand improvement, windbreak renovation, brush piles for wildlife, 54 acres of cover crop and 56 acres of pasture planting.  Heavy use pads, hay storage, milk house waste water irrigation and watering systems were included in the planning too.

Our meeting was held in conjunction with the Logan County Farm Bureau's annual meeting.  The District Board of Supervisors applaud the convenience and sensibility of the two Logan County agriculture entities cooperatively planned and executing their annual meetings. The evening wasn't all business, the attendees enjoyed a buffet dinner and fellowship.  Thanks to all who showed their support and interest in Logan County's agriculture community.  We look forward to seeing you at next year's annual meeting.


Logan Soil and Water District Board of Supervisors