Annual Report, 2016

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Report - Serving Logan County's Conservation Needs for 73 Years

Logan SWCD serves the natural resource conservation needs of Logan County residents and landowners.  We enthusiastically encourage you to give us a call or stop by the office to discuss your concerns or issues.

Logan SWCD holds an Annual Meeting each year to elect supervisors to the Board.  Supervisors serve for a three-year term and receive no compensation for their work for the District.  Each year a Cooperator of the Year is chosen among our area farmers and conservationists.  The Cooperator of the Year is presented an award for their efforts to preserve, protect and enhance natural resources.

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Annual Financial Report


  • District Funds
  • Balance 1/1/2015 (includes change fund of $100.00)            107,840.49
  • Income                                                                                      38,074.64
  • Expenses                                                                                  38,130.25
  • Ending Balance 12/31/2016                                                    107,784.88
  • Funds committed to education                                                  16,723.62
  • ODNR grant - restricted funds                                                        118.40
  • Funds left in District Funds                                                        90,942.86
  • Special (County) Funds
  • Balance 1/1/15                                                                              64,096.38
  • Income - County & State Match Funds                                       158,758.00
  • Expenses                                                                                     137,534.69
  • Ending Balance 12/31/2016                                                           85,319.69
  • Contingent Funds - (vacation & sick leave payouts)                      47,670.00
  • Special Funds net ending balance                                                 37,649.69
  •    and estimated unemployment)

2016 Conservation Programs and Technical Activities

The following conservation programs have provided funding for technical assistance and financial assistance for the implementation of conservation practices.  Logan Soil and Water Conservation District (Logan SWCD) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provide technical assistance.   Farm Service Agency administers the government program with the exception of EQIP and CSP which is administered by NRCS.

Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) - 1 easement closed
Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) - 4 Conservation Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP's) and 1 pasture contract, 3116.9 ac, $48,255.00
Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) - 14 contracts, 6400 acres, $106,477.00
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) - 514 contracts, 4878 acres, $592,288.00 to Logan County producers

The 2016 construction season has been very busy this year.  Several waterways that were not constructed in 2015 were  completed along with new waterway applications.  Logan Soil and Water Conservation District worked to assist landowners to get conservation on the land by designing, surveying and laying out the waterways.

Waterways planned and installed - 27 projects, 70,911 linear feet of waterway (13.43 miles)
Waterways Costs Estimate (total) - $521,610.00
Estimated tons of soil saved by the installation of waterways - 8627.6

Pond Site Investigations - 1
Pollution Abatement Investigations (Manure) - 6
Drainage Investigations - 4
Urban Site Reviews - 3

Logan SWCD 2016 Tree Sales - 3280 seedling, 29 wild flower packets and 51 tree shelters sold.  Left over seedlings were donated to Russells Point for ball park and restoration projects.

Cover Crop for Gardens Sale (mix) - 100 lbs sold

Conservation Tillage Club Meetings - Logan Soil and Water Conservation District along with Hardin Soil and Water Conservation District, Logan County OSU Extension and Hardin County OSU Extension, conducted four conservation education meetings for landowners.  The meetings convened at the Plaza Inn, Mt Victory in January, February and March with approximately 280 landowners attending the meetings, averaging 70 per meeting.  Area organizations and businesses assumed responsibility for the expenses of the provided breakfast buffet.  Topic presentation included "Increasing Soybean Yields", "Ag Law", Farm Transitions and Leases", "Nutrient Management/Water Quality" and "Grain Marketing Outlook".

Logan County Fair -  The Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors thank those who visited our fair display which focused on nutrient management, cover crop and pollinators.  Special thanks to Logan County Farm Bureau and Logan County Electric Cooperative for providing space for our display.  While at the fair,  Logan SWCD staff conducted hands on youth activities featuring soils profiles, soils components and soil facts.

Envirothon - Eleven Logan County high school teams participated in the Area 4 Envirothon at Chenoweth Trails in Darke County.  Logan County's teams participation is facilitate with the financial support of Pheasants Forever Logan County Chapter #285.  Bill Fulton organizes and coordinates the high school teams training and participation on behalf of Logan SWCD.

Water Quality Testing - Logan SWCD and NRCS are fortunate to have George Feltham serving as an Earth Team Volunteer.  For the past 6 years, George and his team have conducted and recorded water quality data on various creeks and streams in Logan County.  This has been accomplished with the cooperation of landowners allowing the team to traverse private property to gain access to specific stream sites.

Top of Ohio Drive It Yourself Tour - The successful tour included Forsythe Farms, Wishwell Farms, Lyden Polypay Farm and a Farm to Table luncheon at Camp Wesley.  1000 Logan County students participated in the Ag School Day as a component of the tour.  Students learned about agriculture, farm animals, geology, conservation and erosion.  The students Ag Day also included a visit to Cramer's Dairy Farm and Camp Wesley.

Cover Crop Meetings (spring, fall) - A spring breakfast meeting at Aunt Millie's Restaurant provided cover crop training.  The meeting focused on the impact of cover crops to watersheds.  The fall cover crop training at Southview Park included an aerial seeding test plot and discussion on the benefits of cover crops to soil health.  Participants enjoyed a cookout prior to the meeting.

Pasture Walk - Van Winkle Dairy, West Mansfield, Ohio hosted an evening pasture walk.  Topic presentation covered forage identification, fencing, pasture improvement and pasture management.