District News

Miller Famly receiving 2015 Cooperator of the Year Award
Logan SWCD 2015 Annual Meeting, September 1, 2015

Eric Johnson and Tim Lyden are re-elected to the District Board of Supervisors positions at the September 1, 2015 Logan SWCD Annual Meeting. Logan Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors recognize the Tim and Lynn Miller Family as the 2015 Cooperator of the Year at 72nd Annual Meeting.  The dinner meeting convened at Winner's Harvest Barn and was well attended.  Thank you to our faithful supporters who make the effort to remain abreast of activities within the local District and responsive to changes in policies and technologies that impact the agriculture community.  We look forward to seeing you at next year's banquet. As always, please stop in or contact the local office with questions and concerns, we will be happy to assist you.
September 20, 2015 Top of Ohio Ag Tour

Logan Soil and Water Conservation District participated in the September 20, 2015 Top of Ohio Ag Tour held in conjunction with Logan Co. Farm Bureau, Logan County Electric Cooperative, Farm Credit Mid America and Indian Lake Watershed project.  Forsythe Farms, Wishwell Farms, Lyden Polypay Farm and Camp Wesley were the tour site hosts.  Special thanks to our host families who welcomed approximately 300 visitors of all ages to their farms/camp.  They worked hard to assure that the visitors were well fed and well entertained while learning about Logan County agriculture.

Approximately 1,054 first and fourth grade Logan County students attended the Agriculture School Day on September 18th.  First grade students toured Lyden Polypay Farm, Kramer's Dairy Farm and Wishwell Farms.  Their education experience included information about sheep and wool production, crop basics, farm equipment, bees and bee-keeping, corn production, dairy production, rotational grazing, horse husbandry and Amish culture.  They also learned about plant cycles, soils, and marketing of farm products.  A petting zoo was provided by Ohio HIgh Point Career Center students.  Fourth grade students toured Forsythe Farms, Logan County Electric Cooperative and Camp Wesley.  The tour stops for the fourth grade students addressed topics concerning the care and benefits of beef cattle, general care for farm livestock, career options in animal husbandry, hands on lessons about soil, geology, archeology, erosion, watershed, pollination and forestry.  The students learned about plant science while making chia pets.  Lessons about safety at home and on the farm and energy and electrical generation were also shared.  Tour hosts, tour sponsors, topic presenters and volunteers were pleased to be a part of Logan County students' learning experiences.  Their bright eyes and eager faces were a delightful sight to behold.  Logan SWCD extends our appreciation to all who gave their time and effort to make the agriculture school day and the tour such a successful venture.  High school FFA students from Benjamin Logan, Riverside and Ohio High Point Career Center were especially helpful guiding the first and fourth graders through the various learning stations on the Agriculture School Day.