Permit Requirements

Tap In Permits
The District requires that all sanitary sewer connections require a "Tap In" permit. The cost of that permit varies with the size of the pipe.

The cost of a permit for a 4-inch lateral is $510.

This includes:
  • $250 discharge fee
  • $150 inspection fee
  • $110 access valve w/cap fee
Per Logan County Commissioners Resolution No. 414-12

Note:In certain areas additional fees may be required to be collected at the time of the permit application. Please check with the District office 

Reconnect Permits
A Reconnect Permit is required when a sewer line is being replaced or otherwise repaired. The permit fee is $150 which include the inspection fee and required access valve. The permit must be acquired prior to digging.  The reconnect fee may be refunded if the required access valve is placed in the right-of-way.
Per Logan County Commissioner Resolution 414-12

The District requires that any contractor installing or repairing sanitary sewer lines be registered with the District.  To be registered, contractors must provide a certificate of insurance  with the District as the certificate holder and receive a copy of our construction specifications.  For a list of contractors who have registered with the District, please contact the District office at (937) 843-3328 or email the District at and one will be provided to you.

Please call 937-843-3328 for your inspection.  
If you need an afternoon inspection please call that morning. If you need a morning inspection
please call the afternoon prior to the day of the inspection is needed.