Historical Information

The Indian Lake Water Pollution Control District was formerly known as the Indian Lake Sanitary Sewer District. The original sanitary sewer district which was formed in the late 1930’s was comprised of the Russells Point and Orchard Island areas. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s the sanitary sewer district was expanded to include the Village of Lakeview and the chain of islands known as “the Indian Isles” which is comprised of Minnewauken, Tecumseh, Miami, Sunset, Sunrise, Cranetown, Seminole, Shawnee and part of Lake Ridge Islands.

In the early 1980’s the sanitary sewer district was expanded yet again to incorporate the northern shores of Indian Lake which includes the Chippewa Park, Island View, Avondale, Sassafras Point, Turkeyfoot, King’s Landing and Indian Lake Shores areas along with the Five Parks Allotment, Five Parks Addition, Waterbury, Smith Addition, Dunn’s Pond, Bergs, and Putterbaugh allotments including the Tracey Farm Addition of Washington Township on the opposite shore.

The early 1990’s saw the addition of Long Island, O’Connor’s Point and the Blue Heron Cove area of Lake Ridge Island soon followed by the North Fork Area by Long Island Shores on State Route 117. It was during this project that the Village of Belle Center built their own sanitary sewer collection system and connected their system to the county’s sanitary line so as to provide a source for discharging to the Indian Lake treatment plant facility. The Village maintains their own collection system.

The Logan County Commissioners in the late 1990’s acquired the wastewater treatment plant facility of the Transportation Research Center (TRC). The treatment plant was renamed the Flat Branch Water Pollution Control District and was so named for the Flat Branch tributary into which the plant effluent water flows. It was at this time the Logan County Commissioners established the LOGAN COUNTY WATER POLLUTION CONTROL DISTRICT. The most recent expansion to the District includes the Village of Huntsville, Bell Addition, Shady Knolls Subdivision, Ohio Valley Park, Nash Finch (formerly Super Foods) and the County Road 130 corridor.