Household Sewage

Program Services

The Logan County Health District performs soil evaluation, designs systems, and permits sewage treatment systems with less than 1,000 gallons per day discharge.

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29 sets forth the minimum standards for household sewage treatment systems in Ohio.   This is a new statewide code that became effective on January 1, 2015.

Alternative Technologies
Constructed Wetlands

In an attempt to promote innovative sewage treatment technology, and provide homeowners with more options, some experimental systems such as CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS have been permitted on an experimental basis in Logan County since 1994. 

Constructed wetlands are beds of water tolerant plants saturated with sewage and covered with mulch material.  The root systems put down by these types of plants maintain oxygen levels in the saturated zone, which allows for much greater "cleaning" of the sewage.

Systems such as constructed wetlands are attractive to homeowners because of their low maintenance requirements and their lack of mechanical devices.

Codes & Regulations

System Maintenance