About Logan County Health District

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Logan County Health Distrct (LCHD)
Logan County Health District is a general local health district located in the county seat of Bellefontaine, Ohio, and serving the Logan County community since 1920. The Health District’s vision is to promote an informed healthy community through the programs and services it provides.

Currently, the Logan County Health District (LCHD) offers in-house and outreach child and adult immunization clinics, environmental health services, home health services, and records on births and deaths in Logan County. LCHD also operates the county’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food program and Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) program.

The public health system has the critical responsibility for protecting citizens from threats to air, water and food; deterring new threats from emerging diseases and preventing disease by promoting immunization and a healthy lifestyle.  

Over the past year LCHD has conducted inspections in restaurant and other establishments to keep our food sources safe for every county resident.  Although there were no active cases of Ebola in Logan County, the Health District prepared the medical community and public for the threat.   We also monitored the measles and mumps outbreak in surrounding counties and immunized local residents to prevent the spread to Logan County. 

Mission Statement 

The Logan County Health District champions a safe, healthy community.


Our community enjoys optimal health and wellness.


Quality: We achieve the highest ideals of public service through our professional and qualified staff, by practicing continuous improvement, and by maintaining accreditation.

Respect: We uphold a standard of conduct that recognizes the significance, dignity, and value of all.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an ethical and transparent manner and are accountable for our actions.

Collaboration: We are responsive to the public health and safety needs of our community through teamwork with our internal and external partners.

Empowerment: We foster increased ownership of healthy decisions for the betterment of Logan County.  

Strategic Plan

The Logan County Health District (LCHD) is enthusiastic about the development of its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.  Nationally, public health is being challenged to improve credibility, transparency, and performance.  The LCHD welcomes the opportunity to do just that!  Keeping the focus on population health and specific issues identified by local inputs, the LCHD has established goals and objectives to guide its decision-making over the next four years.   

This Strategic Plan and the agency’s detailed work plan serve as tools to inform the direction of the health district as well as provide measurements of progress.  A performance management tracking system will be used to ensure the LCHD is efficient and effective, while meeting the identified public health needs of Logan County. 

The Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated annually as part of LCHD’s ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement.

LCHD Strategic Plan 2015-2018