The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County. Unlike municipal police departments, who's enforcement authority is restricted to their individual boundaries, and the State Highway Patrol, who has statewide authority to enforce traffic laws but whose authority to enforce criminal laws is limited to state highways and property, the Sheriff and his deputies have the authority to enforce all laws anywhere within their county.

Elected Official

Your Sheriff is unique among law enforcement professionals. The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in the State of Ohio. Every 4 years the Sheriff must run for election. This makes his record and the way he operates his office accountable to the citizens and the voters of his county.

The Sheriff is a professional, trained in the latest law enforcement techniques and criminal justice procedures. Your Sheriff understands the integrity needed to do the job in a legal and responsible manner.

A Sheriff is more than an individual. He has an organization composed of professional and well trained deputies and support personnel dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Logan County.

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